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Biography - Sifu Jeff Grant

Sifu Jeff Grant was born in NeuBruecke, Germany. At the age of 11 his family moved Dallas, TX. It was 3 years later that he started his martial arts career by taking Karate lessons at the Texas Karate Institute in Richardson, Tx.

For 2 years he trained in Chung Do Kwan at this "Texas Blood and Guts" karate school. It was a few years later that he joined Lee's Tae Kwon Do (Moo Duk Kwan) in Dallas. He was there for 4 years before heading off to college in Arkansas as a black belt.

After a brief stint at college he joined the United States Air Force where he served four and half years of active duty service. During this time he had the unique experience of training under many different instructors in varying styles. This allowed him to explore the different philosophies of each style and to witness their strengths and weaknesses. He had the opportunity to train in Aikido, Jiu jitsu, Judo and Shotokan Karate during these years of service.

Having completed his tour in the United States Air Force, he returned back to college at the University of North Texas. Four years later he graduated with his degree in Business Computer Information Systems. While pursuing his degree he also met and married his wife, Marla.

This four year hiatus from the Martial Arts had him yearning to find a school and renew his commitment. He found a school in Dallas that taught Nick Cerio Kenpo. This is where he met Chris Kimbrough. He would study under Chris until reaching his Second Degree Black Belt.

It was during this time of studying Kenpo that he had the distinct honor of meeting his future mentor, Sigung Burt Vickers. The first time he witnessed him in action, he knew he had found his instructor and his home. Sigung Vickers accepted him as his student in the art of Kajukembo. Jeff Grant has been under Sigung Vickers since and is committed to this art and his instructor.

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